Chinese Sports Medicine Continues to Evolve with Acutaping

Chinese medicine for athletics has been in the news a lot recently due to the Olympics. One of the newer ways that TCM has been used to benefit athletes is through the use of acutaping. Acutaping is a new therapeutic tool that establishes a connection between acupuncture and kinesio-taping. The major difference between kinesio-taping and acutaping, is the different approach to the placement of the tapes. In the latter, a more holistic approach to placement is taken, and the tape might be put in an area where there is an energy blockage, but might not necessarily be the location of pain that the patient is complaining of.

Acutaping uses the same type of tape that kinesio-taping uses, which was developed by Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase in the seventies. The tape is sticky on one side and elastic along its length. It differs from other tape bandages that are used in sports medicine, which are meant to immobilize the muscles in the area where they are placed. In contrast, with kinesio-tape, the tape bandage is meant to provide support, but also helps with movement. The tape is applied to the skin near the affected muscles or joint as they are held taut. Then, as the muscle or joint moves, the tape remains attached to the skin, resulting in a displacement of the skin against the fascia directly underneath the tape, The resulting lifting of the skin creates an increase in the circulation of blood to the area, for improved metabolism, and pain relief.  The stretching of the local soft tissue will then speed up the healing process, prevent injury, and increase exercise performance. Additional Chinese Sports Medicine products can be purchased on the web or through .

Acutaping is a unique modality that allows the practitioner to use the basic concepts of Chinese medicine to translate Western medical symptoms and ailments into a TCM paradigm for effective treatments. The beauty in its use for musculoskeletal  injuries is that it involves no surgeries or medications, so that it has virtually no side effects. It is painless, and a great way to treat anyone with ailments from a wide range of etiologies.

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