Do It Yourself Herbal Supplements: The New Herbal Trend

A Guide to DIY Herbal Supplements plus Recipes 20% of the population uses herbal medicine and herbal supplements 40% of the population use alternative medicine therapies such as acupuncture The natural supplement industry has been booming over the last 10 years. Supplement use has grown steadily at 8% since 2013 where it was already a healthy industry. This growth is from several factors, with supplement growth mostly due to increased public demand. The supplement industry is growing thanks to: Increased research of [...]

Tendons and Ligaments: Pulling it all Together

What Are Tendons & Ligaments? What Do They Do? When it comes to the world of connective tissues, bones and muscles get all of the attention. They support and hold the body up, lift weights and perform feats of strength, protect our vital organs from damage, and let us participate in all sorts of other physical activities. However, when it comes to putting the body together Tendons and Ligaments are the tissues that keep us from falling apart. Tendons and Ligaments [...]

Is Fermented Cold Liver Oil (FCLO) a healthier alternative to fish oil supplements?

Everyone and their mother has heard about the benefits of fish oil supplements; omega-3 fatty acids are important to decrease inflammation among other things, and DHA/EPA are essential during pregnancy for brain development in the fetus. But, new studies are showing that isolated polyunsaturated fatty acid/omega-3 rich fish oil, may not be the best form to take this supplement.   Fermented cod-liver oil (FCLO) is whole-food alternative to fish oil supplements. It is a cold-processed oil that is made from the [...]

Chinese Sports Medicine Continues to Evolve with Acutaping

Chinese medicine for athletics has been in the news a lot recently due to the Olympics. One of the newer ways that TCM has been used to benefit athletes is through the use of acutaping. Acutaping is a new therapeutic tool that establishes a connection between acupuncture and kinesio-taping. The major difference between kinesio-taping and acutaping, is the different approach to the placement of the tapes. In the latter, a more holistic approach to placement is taken, and the [...]

Chinese Medicine Relationship with the Heart and Summer

In Chinese Medical philosophy, the summer season is associated with the heart organ. In TCM, the heart signifies not only the physical organ that pumps blood and lies within the chest cavity, but also the spirit, or “shen,” which houses the mind. In the spirit of the season, it’s important for all of us to be reminded of how to care for this powerful yet delicate organ. According to the National Institute for Health and the U.S. Department for Health [...]

Ankle Sprains and Trauma – What Herbs and Acupuncture Can Do

Nothing says summer like beach volleyball… but nothing says ANKLE SPRAIN like competitive sports on an uneven playing surface! Beach volleyball players are notorious for getting ankle injuries, but the good thing is that Traditional Chinese Medicine can easily help with both the acute and chronic stages of pain from the injuries! In the acute stages of any ankle sprain or strain, there is redness, swelling and pain. You might think that the infamous RICE (rest, ice, and elevation) are [...]

Tips for Increasing Lactation and Breastfeeding with Herbs and Diet

As any mother doing research knows, breastfeeding their children is an important and superior feeding method over formula. Formula continues to have lists of recalls, breastfeeding offers immunity to your child prior to them developing their own, breastfeeding has all natural nutrients for brain and body development, breastfeeding is obviously less expensive, near zero chance of allergic reactions or sensitivity to breastmilk opposed to different formulas. Seems easy enough, only problem is many woman are finding it difficult to [...]

When Alternative Medicine Works

It’s not something that medical doctors believe in, but then, if alternative medicine did not work, it wouldn’t have the hundreds of thousands of followers it has today. There are various forms of alternative medicine – some are based on herbal remedies, some use massage and relaxation therapy to cure, and yet others try to restore the energy balance of the body. They work because the people who trust in them believe that they will work. However, even if [...]

Using Herbs to Help Treat Fibroids

Here is our latest question! Gaye asks: Hi I have subserosal fibroids and they cause pelvic pain as well as backache. Is there any herbal remedy to stop the pain and reduce the size of fibroids? I have no kids and planning to have in the future. Well I should start by mentioning that those with fibroids should be under the care of a physician, however it is obviously your choice to treat them however you want and if you elect to not [...]

Herbs for Health, Vitality & Longevity

Its time to bring in the New Year and what better than to resolute Health, Long Life, and Vitality while steering free of colds and keeping your hair color! I have some herbs along with some preparations to achieve such goals this year! I have some Chinese Herbs and some Western Herbs for you to use, and I will try to give you some tips on some of the easier herbs to aquire (local health food stores). A New Year's Resolution [...]