When Alternative Medicine Works

It’s not something that medical doctors believe in, but then, if alternative medicine did not work, it wouldn’t have the hundreds of thousands of followers it has today. There are various forms of alternative medicine – some are based on herbal remedies, some use massage and relaxation therapy to cure, and yet others try to restore the energy balance of the body. They work because the people who trust in them believe that they will work. However, even if you’re not too big a fan of alternative medicine, there are times when it does do you a world of good.

  • When you’re in debilitating pain: Techniques like massages and acupuncture work wonders when you’re in pain and not ready to put your body through another dose of painkillers, you could try them. They’re not painful, they don’t have any after-effects, and they’re pretty cost-effective. They help you relax and forget the pain, and a few sessions could leave you completely pain-free.
  • When you want a remedy without the side effect: There are some conditions that don’t demand cures, like a woman’s monthly periods; you want medication so you can just get through the pain and discomfort for three to five days. However, most drugs cause side effects and are not recommended unless you’re unable to function at all. This is when you try alternative therapies like herbal supplements and teas – a qualified practitioner can have you up and about in no time at all with the right blend of herbs and powders.
  • When your ailment is mental: Conditions like depression, anxiety and stress are not really illnesses; of course, they do become worse and require medical intervention if left untreated. However, most people who suffer from these conditions find relief in alternative therapies, and because of this, they prevent their situation from deteriorating.
  • When you can trust the source: Whatever kind of medicinal therapy or treatment you follow, it works only when the source is efficient and trustworthy. If your doctor is inept or if your pharmacy cheats you with fake drugs, you’re not going to get better or find a cure for your illness. The same holds true in the case of alternative medicine – if the practitioner who treats you is not qualified and if the concoctions you’re given have not been tested adequately, you’re not going to find this form of medicine favorable. However, if you can trust the source of the treatment, then you find that alternative medicine does work, sometimes wonders. 

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