Using Herbs to Help Treat Fibroids

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Gaye asks:

I have subserosal fibroids and they cause pelvic pain as well as backache. Is there any herbal remedy to stop the pain and reduce the size of fibroids? I have no kids and planning to have in the future.

Well I should start by mentioning that those with fibroids should be under the care of a physician, however it is obviously your choice to treat them however you want and if you elect to not use surgery or anything like that it is your choice, but you shouldn’t start with home treating things such as fibroids. With that said, there are in fact a few popular herbs used in treating fibroids.

For those unfamiliar, a fibroid is a non-cancerous tumor of sorts growing in the uterus. Some are very small and don’t get noticed until they find them in an infertility exam and they go all the way up to huge growths that are heavily distending the abdomen.

In our case we are dealing with subserosal fibroids which mean they are growing out of the outermost layer in the uterus. In Chinese Medicine or herbalism we don’t have access to ultra sounds without a referral, but typically fibroids can be known from irregular menses, bleeding and palpable masses. Let look at some classic herbs for fibroids:

Partridgeberry / Squawvine– Partridgeberry is a well know herb used for uterine problems, and you will see its use in many formulas I am sure. What I do know is Partridgeberry has an action to dry out excess in the uterus. Because of this action it works great for infections and tumors as it helps with inflammation, bleeding and removes the source of excess that tumors and bacterias are using to grow with.
Motherwort / Yi Mu Cao– Motherwort is a great herb for a few reasons. This herb has actions affecting the uterus and is used for many many menses problems, but this herb is also a blood mover. Blook movers is eactly something you need to break up tumors making this one of the best herbs of choice.
For those that need some more power you may consider herbs specific to break up masses like Myrrh/Mo Yao.

The 2 herbs listed above are leaves and can be taken in a standard infusion 3 times daily. However, I am ever so optimistic about treating fibroids because I feel that direct treatments are very useful and powerful. I discussed in a post a while about treating vaginal infections and yeast infections through direct herbal bolus treatment.

By using good herbal combinations you can grind up your herbs and bind them with cocoa butter and take them inter-vaginally, and it is my belief this is the best route and I have seen the best results using this method. Dimmak Herbs makes a vaginal infection bolus that has all the right herbs in it to treat infections and fibroids. You can find on the Internet some other formulas that you will take in pill form and of course results can be found with them, but direct results can come much quicker. The prognosis will depend on the size and location, etc… You can expect herbal products to make progress in 1-3 weeks and this should help you gauge how long you will need to use a product. In our case above we have very external fibroids that will be the first layer soaking up our herbs so results should be good, since we don’t have an idea of size it is unsure how quick. Obviously the bigger the longer it will take, it is the give take in herbal remedies for not having really any bad side effects.

To go along with treating fibroids directly you should look at other products. Initially you may want to do a liver detox to help with the imbalance of hormones possibly going on, as well as you may also want to look into a natural hormone regulator. I would greatly recommend you take a blood cleanser or purifier if you are treating directly with boluses, this will clean up the problem of imbalance in the blood level and help treat through pills while you are treating directly. This should make for a very effective treatment.
I know you can source anything you need at the link above to Dimmak Herbs, or I am sure you can search for these products, or you can combine herbs as discussed and take your own herbal remedy! Good luck to Gaye and to you!

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