Health, Detox, and First Aid ‘Weeds’ – Part I

dandelionI’m always writing even when I’m not posting some great  info for you guys. Ive decided I’m going to start filling in the gaps of my posting to talk about articles I have written.

There are a few ‘weeds’ I’m gonna talk about in a few blog posts here. I’m talking REAL weeds. I live in Las Vegas where only casinos grow, but I literally have free access to these weeds. The full article can be found here: 3 ‘weeds’ to cultivate I am not going to reword the articles for this blog post as you can read the entire article above. Let me start with one.

Dandelions are dreadful herbs to many people. They grow so easy and break up your nice lawn with yellow flower buds. People spend many hours in their lawn with a screwdriver pulling up the weed get the entire root out of the ground to pray it doesn’t grow back.

The dandelion is a very powerful herb to herbalists. I use dandelion for liver ailments and liver detox. The Chinese use the roots and leaves and its called Pu Gong Ying. Western Herbalists use mainly the roots. Dandelion has a powerful effect on the liver, and I have seen it single handed resolve liver toxins, spots, and stones. Pu Gong Ying is used in a few products at Dimmak Herbs including RockStar and UTI.

Dandelion tastes pretty good and smells great. A cup of dandelion tea works effectively on suppressing anger and explosive personalities. It is very soothing and can also be roasted and used as a coffee substitute.
Dandelion is not only non-toxic, but has properties to break up lumps. That means that dandelion can be taken in high doses over long periods to break up cysts and tumors in the body. This makes dandelion an obvious choice for cancer patients. It helps clean out the blood, detox the liver, and break up tumors. What else are you looking for in cancer treatment? Put this with the right combo of herbs and dandelion goes from the trash bin to the herb cabinet.

My last line about dandelion I wanted to add, as not everyone will read the article, dandelion is full of vitamins and minerals. You can find this in herbal decoctions that are used in mineral treatments almost every-time!

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