Essential Oils for use in Natural Remedies

Essential oils are quite popular these days for all types of ailments and usages. Essential oils are literally the ‘essential’ or ‘volatile’ oils found in many herbs. A large quantity of herbs are placed in a still and separate water form pure essential oils. The water is also used and Rose Water is a commonly used water from these extracts. It takes many pounds of herbs to get a few ounces of essential oils which makes for really concentrated oils.

These essential oils are normally used in a carrier oils. Carrier oils are simply other oils that you are going to use to ‘dilute’ the essential oils in. Essential oils are so strong you can often use 1-3 drops of essential oil in an ounce of other oil and use. Just a few drops of essential oil is all that is really used in shampoos and such. A carrier oil can be as simple as your kitchen olive oil. Grab and put some olive oil in a small bowl and add a few drops of essential oils and use. You can start your  experimentation there.

Some of the more commonly used essential oils are Lavender, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus. Lavender has a very soothing and healing property to it. Add eucalyptus essential oil to some Grapeseed oil  and use for skin care, burns, and irritated skin. Use eucalyptus in some Grapeseed oil and use for acne. Tea Tree is very broad spectrum and can be used for normal skin care, in you and your pets ears, and for joint problems. Natural remedies like this are seen in very popular products. Tiger Balm is tagged as an herbal remedy and is a jelly base with the Essential Oils of Cajuput, Cassia, and Clove with added menthol and camphor.

Essential oils are also diluted in various other oils as use in massage. This is a form of aromatherapy. Although this is not the only form of aromatherapy, and it can be discussed alone at length massage is defiantly the most used FORM of aromatherapy. Oils like Myrrh and Frankincense are popular massage products for this use. These 2 oils are moving and are great for muscles and that is typically what you are doing with this form of Swedish Massage. Aromatherapy for stress relief can also combine with massage and while Frankincense has some stress relief properties you could also look into the oils of Lavender or Chamomile.

Essential oils are also diluted as a few drops of water and used as herbal remedies. For example you can get some quality mint essential oil and put some drops in some water and drink for use in upset stomach, red eyes, and  headache. Remember essential oils are very concentrated and therefore ‘less is more’ so you should take advantage of its powerful effects and ALWAYS remember to dilute to avoid irritating your skin or upsetting your stomach. Very often health problems can come from an injury sustained in earlier life, if you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you could make an injury claim. Visit for advice.

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