Getting Fresh and Clean with Organic Soap Infused with Essential Oils

A few weeks ago I picked up a few bars of organic soap. This soap was a little different as it is infused with essential oils and such that is actually geared to treat a range of 'ailments'. The soap was from a company called Zen Organic Soap and I received the whole line of soaps which were: Nirvana Muscle Pain Soap Mellow Anti-Stress Soap Bliss Insomnia Soap Karma Anti-Aging Soap Wellness Anti-PMS Soap I obviously picked up the anti-PMS soap for sake of checking [...]

Essential Oils for use in Natural Remedies

Essential oils are quite popular these days for all types of ailments and usages. Essential oils are literally the 'essential' or 'volatile' oils found in many herbs. A large quantity of herbs are placed in a still and separate water form pure essential oils. The water is also used and Rose Water is a commonly used water from these extracts. It takes many pounds of herbs to get a few ounces of essential oils which makes for really concentrated [...]