Essential Oils for use in Natural Remedies

Essential oils are quite popular these days for all types of ailments and usages. Essential oils are literally the 'essential' or 'volatile' oils found in many herbs. A large quantity of herbs are placed in a still and separate water form pure essential oils. The water is also used and Rose Water is a commonly used water from these extracts. It takes many pounds of herbs to get a few ounces of essential oils which makes for really concentrated [...]

Herbs for Liver, the Organ Not the Stinky Dinner with Onions

A few months before the birth of my son, a routine check-up revealed a slightly elevated bilirubin level in my blood.  The liver filters bilirubin from the blood, so elevated levels can indicate poor liver function.  Since my level was only slightly elevated, I jumped into action.  Research pointed me toward a reduction or elimination of alcohol, and a daily supplement of Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum). Milk Thistle is an herb that has been used for over two thousand years [...]

Pearl Powder to the Rescue – Liver Spots Gone!

Liver spots are a tell-tale sign of ageing or over exposure to the sun. They often appear on parts of the body that are on show, such as hands, the face and shoulders and can make people feel self-conscious if they begin to appear. For some, it is often the first obvious sign of maturing skin and they may think that the damage is irreversible. There are, however, natural ways to lessen the effects and gain younger looking, even and [...]

Using the Tongue for Disease Diagnosis

Tongue Diagnosis is a part of the Chinese Medicine Diagnosis. The tongue tells the Chinese Medical Practitioner many things in the theory of Oriental Medicine and is considered to be an excellent source of information. You have to know and understand Chinese Medicine Theory to really understand what the tongue is telling you, but there are some Western Medical things we can sometimes extract from the tongue. Here is a small rundown of some things you might be able [...]

Herbs for Health, Vitality & Longevity

Its time to bring in the New Year and what better than to resolute Health, Long Life, and Vitality while steering free of colds and keeping your hair color! I have some herbs along with some preparations to achieve such goals this year! I have some Chinese Herbs and some Western Herbs for you to use, and I will try to give you some tips on some of the easier herbs to aquire (local health food stores). A New Year's Resolution [...]

Herbs for Sore Muscles, Soreness and some Herbal Remedies

It is without a doubt the most common ailment out there is soreness or pain somewhere in the body. The most common of this problem is probably going to be muscle pain. Let’s discuss herbal and home remedies for pain and soreness. The reason pain and soreness most of the time go hand in hand is because in herbal or Chinese medicine both are manifesting from the same problem, blockage! Whether you are talking about muscle pain, constricted muscle, pain [...]

Finding the Best Health Products on the market!

As you know the internet is a big place! Search engines have gotten really, really big but WHY? Because the internet is too big to search yourself, it is too big to look at directories, it is too big to rely on many things! Because there are so many new sites and scammers out there, the search engines will sometimes not show you the best results, just the best results to their algorithm and that's okay! No matter how [...]

Deep Laceration- Home Remedy Fix!

So I surely don't condone one not going to the emergency room when needed! I have experience, but you can really see here that some herbs and an egg can go along way. This is intended for informational purposes, but realistically if you were cut badly on a camping trip or elsewhere, this could be quite helpful to you. I received a very nasty laceration to my pinkie finger when i was handling a glass and it broke in my [...]

Got a Question? Just Ask. Introducing: Ask Sean!

As you can see a button is now at the top of the page that says "Ask Sean". Now you can do more than comment on this blog. If you want to ask a question or write about something specific, just click the button and fill out the form. If your email is chosen, your name and website along with a discussion on your topic will addressed in a future blog posting. This will get you back links to [...]

Hemorrhoids: the finale, Mine are Gone yours can too!

As promised, my follow up to the hemorrhoids I had, and the review on the products I used for hemorrhoids from Dimmak Herbs Herbal Supplements . The post can be found here: I am pleased to report I am pain free from my bottom and feel much better. What I ended up doing was alternating the bolus dosage as 2-1-2-1-2-1-1, this kept a strong strength of herbs flowing, but alternating the higher dosage and extra discomfort throughout the time period. Honestly [...]