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If you want to find out what your western diagnosis is or what type of medication your going to get when you see your doctor you can easily go to WebMD and it can tell you how terminal your cough is.

However, some of us are proactive and use complementary medicines for disease and illness. Not every answer out there can be found on Google and other sites for alternative healing and help. This was the first blog to move into a proactive approach to helping those with questions. I can’t however get back and post to everyone’s question that is sent to me.

Introducing a way to get much more immediate answers, help others and interact in the holistic community. Myself, a friend of mine Russell, and www.DimmakHerbs.comhave come together to bring you a forum to parcipate and ask questions that people from many different backgrounds and disciplines can help you with! Simply go to and sign up to start asking and participating!

Don’t pass up this opportunity for top notch help and interacting in a community that shares your views on Health, Nutrition, Medicine, Diet, Exercise, etc…
On top of General discussions and chit chat there are specific medicine categories on:
Oriental Medicine / Acupuncture
Physical Therapy
Massage and Body Work
and more…

Can’t wait to see you all there!

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