3 Reasons to Try Alternative Health Remedies

There is no end in sight to the debate that rages on between the purists who believe that drugs are the answer to all our ills and the naturalists who swear that drugs are the main reason for all our ills. The former, while admitting that prevention is better than cure, also holds firm to the belief that it is necessary to go through the proper channels of medical care in order to get to the root of the problem that affects you and causes disease. The latter however, believe in a more natural approach, one that eschews chemicals and other compounds that disturb the natural balance in the human body and focuses on a wholesome and holistic healing process that is in no way synthetic.

While I don’t want to take sides of one over the other, there are times when I believe alternative health remedies score higher than the traditional route taken by most people, so if you’re looking for reasons to go natural when it comes to healthcare, read on:

  • The side effects are minimal: There’s no doubt that drugs hasten and contribute to the healing process, but the chemicals in them also cause side effects, some of which are tolerable and others that are unbearable. The good thing about natural health remedies is that the side effects, if there are any, are reduced to a bare minimum. This means that there is less damage to your body, both in the short and long term.
  • Procedures are less invasive: Most natural methods of healing avoid surgery and instead try alternative methods of healing like massage, chiropractic procedures and acupuncture. While conventional medicine may frown on, sneer at and disapprove of such practices, they do work for most people who believe in their efficacy. Alternative health remedies are less invasive, and this means that patients don’t have to go through long and painful recovery periods. And although there are some things that have to be cured only through surgery, most chronic conditions can be taken care of through natural methods.
  • Focuses on prevention: Natural forms of treatment focus more on prevention of disease and restoration and rejuvenation of the body rather than try to cure illness after it has affected you. So you’re naturally healthy and at a lower risk for disease and illness. You also reduce stress and feel more energetic throughout the day. Natural medicines do not drain your body of its strength and vitality like chemical-based drugs do.

Do remember however to ensure that you see a qualified practitioner, one who has reputable references and a proven track record. Also, your health insurance may not cover alternative remedial procedures, so check your policy and change it accordingly or choose an alternative that will pay for any kind of medical procedure you want to try.

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