Ginkgo Biloba/Bai Guo Ye and Everything you Want to Know

ginkgo_leavesGinkgo biloba is a plant of eastern origin more accurately ethnic Chinese and Korean, however this can also be found in countries like Argentina, Uruguay, United States and France, this tree has within its main features the longevity of it, because some data argue that this can last up to a millennium without losing their benefits for organic or natural medicine.
The ginkgo biloba plant has been used since ancient times by Chinese and Koreans to create some types of teas and bring it to a large number of teas, which for its medicinal properties are shown to them as an excellent way to improve some important systems such as blood and improve the central nervous system. The Chinese traditionally use the the seed, but the Ginkgo Biloba you are familiar with is the leaf. Exploring a little more on the use of ginkgo biloba in natural medicine is for good to stress that the presence of elements or compounds flavonoids in the leaves as quercetin, rutoside, kampferol, isorramnetol, lactones, bilobálidos, phytosterols and ginkgólidos A, B, C and F, allowing the use of ginkgo biloba and bring health benefits as:

• Promote the blood circulation through the body, thanks to the functions vasodilatation and vasoconstriction arterial venous.
• Significantly improve blood supply to the brain and particularly the lower limbs.

  • Promote the care of the nervous system.
  • Protect outstanding brain cells.
  • Strengthen the capillary resistance.
  • Improving health arterial and venous.
  • Reduce cellular aging.
  • Be an excellent antioxidant.

• Reduce the risk of evils such as thrombosis, strokes and cardiovascular problems.

At present, some studies have claimed that ginkgo biloba is also quite useful for people mature, as they showed that this had the skills to reduce the loss of memory and loss of intellectual performance, otherwise the ginkgo biloba also have preventive properties attributed to diminish the appearance of ills such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and atherosclerotic disease. It can be said that this plant is also associated with some relaxing properties for the elimination of the annoying mental burdens such as depression and anxiety, because regular consumption of this element can improve aspects such as concentration, and muscle relaxation.

It is good to mention that before you begin using ginkgo biloba on your own you must visit to a specialist in the field, since in some cases the abuse of this element can bring adverse effects. The above shows that ginkgo biloba is not only a good option for treating some common ills such as those already mentioned in this article, but also relax and get a good state of mind, thanks to the benefits of this millennial plant.

It is also worth mentioning that you really shouldn’t bother buying this in loose leaf form. The leaf is a very dillute part and to be effective you should be using an extract of 50:1 in the use of Ginkgo Biloba. Therefore, I recommend using a trusted supplier such as Chinese Herbal Remedies or other trusted sources out there.

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