Herbally Surviving a Flea Infestation

The summer always brings lots of bugs and brings them in your house. This year fleas where out of control in numbers much higher than usual. Whats worse is fleas in particular reproduce in a lightning fast fashion. Lets look into some herbal pest control.

For a few days I was getting some bites on me, which isn’t all that unusual with keeping windows and such open in the summer time and the bugs etc….. I was starting to get a few more than what I would consider normal and I got the bug spray out and sprayed my perimeter to keep the bugs from entering the house and keeping them outside where they should be. Sitting next to my dog on the couch watching Discovery Channel I’m sure, a little bug jumped on me. This repeated itself and then I put 2 and 2 together and figured out my dog, Chester, has fleas!

Herbally, we can deal this. Lets start with your pet and the fleas. Cedar should be no secret to most people. Its used to keep moths out and boxes to keep bugs out in general. However, it kinda is a secret and I don’t know why. Cedar is great and you can buy Cedar Oil. Cedar Oil is great because it kills almost every bug and it is safe. You can coat your dog in it and your entire house.

Fleas feed on blood like mosquitoes and ticks, but they need to live in the environment like your dogs coat. Adult fleas will live on your dog, but many will venture off here and there to hang out on you and bite you, or they jump onto carpet thinking its another dog and hang out there until your dog comes by and they jump back on. Flea eggs don’t stay in your dog’s coat and fall out. This creates a large amount of flea infestations anywhere your dog goes. This means that not only does your dog need to be cleansed of the Adult fleas, you have to kill the fleas all over your house so they don’t just hop back on your dog after you cleaned him. This is what happens to many people who simply clean their dog with a flea shampoo and then their dog just gets re-infested.

I took Chester into the bathroom and cleaned him up really good in the shower. I left him in the bathroom to dry off and hang out. My infestation wasn’t really bad and I knew the bad spots were the bedroom and front room. I took the cedar oil and covered the carpet in the those areas really well and also the couch in the front room. I then removed the sheets and blankets and put them directly into the wash machine. Now that a good bit of Cedar oil has neutralized all my bugs in the house including the fleas, its time to finish with the dog. I have a clean dog so now its time to coat him with the cedar oil too. If your house was stinky before it smells awesome now! Now about me.

When I get bug bites I use Dimmak Herbs Echinacea Blend. Echinacea plus the Chapparal and Hong Hua in the bottle as a tincture do an excellent job in drawing the poison out and astringing the bite which makes it itch free as well. This time around the tincture wasn’t working. I was applying it over and over and over daily with only brief relief. After the time I realized that the problem was flea related and the Echinacea Blend tincture wasn’t working it came to me that I was having a REACTION to  cthe bites. So Ihanged up products. I started taking DM Assist internally and switched between Itch/Rash Salve (for anti-histamine) and Aloe Salve (for spreading rashes and skin irritations) all from Dimmak Herbs. I was able to settle my reactions and the fleas went away. Another Natural Victory!

Better Yet try this herbal pet spray for your pet that will kill flees instantly! Herbal Pet Flea Spray

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