The Ultimate Kidney Tonic- Black Soup

Tired? Fatigued? Low libido? Low back pain? Weak knees? Wake up in the middle of the night? Recently weak after surgery?

These are just a few symptoms of weakened kidney function. In Chinese Medicine there are many more symptoms related to this and aging alone is one of the ways that kidneys weaken. There is alot to gain from supplementing your kidneys with a really good tonic including reversing the symptoms listed below.

May Food Be Your Medicine and Your Medicine Be Your Food

Well, I have the secret here, and its going to look a bit different to most people. The ‘color’ of the kidney is black, so there is no wonder all the ingredients are basically black. I assure you not only is this recipe an excellent tonic, but is very delicious!

Presenting the Ultimate Kidney Tonic, Ultimate Antioxidant Black Chicken Soup!
Here is what you need:
1 Whole Black Chicken- called Silky Chicken or Silkie Chicken (found at Asian grocery stores for sure), substitute as needed but don’t get mad if you kidneys aren’t that happy!
1.5-2cups Black Beans – Huge amount of protien, good for kidneys
Kombu Seaweed – minerals and alkaline
Rice noodles or Bean Threads – wheat free noodles, clears body heat
Tamari (premium soy sauce) – adds fermented food to diet
1 can Vegetable Stock – vegetables
1/8 cup olive oil
4 tbl minced garlic
Sea Salt
Large Crockpot

30g He Shou Wu– Kidney and blood builder
30g Shu Di Huang – Rehmannia Prepared – Kidney and blood builder
20g Gou Qi Zi – Goji berries – antioxidant, blood builder
20g Huang Qi – Astragalus (this is not a normal ingredient, but since it is approaching fall time, I wanted to add this for Immunity boosting properties)
10g Shan Zha – Hawthorn Berry – helps the properties of the soup move through normally
10g Chen Pi – Citrus Peel – allows all the building properties not cause constipation.

I am going to show you the long way to make this. I prefer the taste of soups that sit and simmer in crockpots for the 4-6 hour time frame. I will list some short-cuts at the end.

First thing is first. You MUST soak your beans over night. Place the beans in the crockpot container and cover with water well over the height of the beans. Add about 1oz of kombu seaweed. This removes all of the bad things from the beans and allows them to soak up all the goodness from the seaweed. By the next day your beans are ready and the seaweed wont taste like seaweed anymore!

The next morning empty the water from the beans and briefly wash them and add them back to the pot and cover with water again (keep the seaweed too!). Put this on high and let that go for an hour, while you let the chicken sit out. This is the time to decide how daring you can be :).

About the chicken-

The Black (Silky Silkie) Chicken is a bird that is TOTALLY BLACK, although its feathers are bright white! This chicken is incredibly good for your kidneys and blood. The meat has a bit more darker look to it, but taste BETTER than chicken. The chicken will probably come from somewhere like New Zealand. This means you are not only getting a better chicken, but the chicken was raised naturally! No antibiotics and other crap from regular chicken!
Silky Black Chicken is very high in antioxidants and carnosine. This shows bio-medically that this chicken is not only better than regular chicken but supports strong muscles, rich blood, and anti-oxidants. Again this is not new to cultures like the Chinese or Japanese, but we can see now how the ‘black’ food group can really help us out!
The chicken is going to come with the head, neck and legs/feet attached. You need to figure out what you want to keep. If you don’t like any of it I would recommend that you cook the whole chicken and when we get to the part to cut the bird up remove them then. The head can definitely be tossed but the feet are really tasty and add more bone and ligament for the soup to absorb.

  • Now that its been an hour, turn the crockpot to low. Add the whole chicken in there and more water to almost cover. Let this now sit for 3hours.
  • Now, remove the chicken and put it on a cutting board. It will need to cool for a couple minutes (try not to loose any liquid from inside the bird).
  • Remove the seaweed from the pot and place it in a strainer.
  • Heat up a wok and place your olive oil in. Heat the oil and add all the garlic. Once you start to smell the strong aroma add the seaweed. Crisp the seaweed a little bit (5-7 min) and add the seaweed AND all of the oil and garlic to the crockpot.
  • Cut the chicken up into 2 thighs, 2 legs, 2 feet, 2 breasts, 2 wings, 1 neck. Remove what you feel like removing and add everything back to the crockpot.
  • Add all the herbs now. The Goji berries can be placed directly into the pot, but the other herbs should be added in a way that they can be removed at the end. The Goji Berries will stay in the soup!
  • Add the vegetable stock and recover to sit for another hour. The vegetable stock is used for flavoring as we aren’t using a vegetables.

After the hour has passed your an hour away from it being done! At this point add about 1/8 cup of Tamari, and some salt and pepper. Your going to have to keep tasting and play with the salt and pepper to your tasting. Now your going to add the noodles. I added 2 of the 3 bundles that came in the package. The noodles will pick up the color and flavor of the soup and in the end, they will tune black too :). Let that all marinate for an hour.

Now your all done! Remove the herbs and turn the crockpot off. The soup is going to be 1million degrees so leave the lid off and let cool. Dish up the soup making sure to get some chicken, plenty of broth, beans and noodles in your bowl! Be careful there are still bones in the soup!

If your impatient and don’t appreciate the taste of a beautifully simmered soup here is what you can do. After you soak the beans make 1 large pot of boiling water and a smaller pot of boiling water. Boil the beans in the water for about 30-45 minutes until tender. Parboil the chicken for about 10 minutes. Cut the chicken and add both together using the bean water in a crockpot. Add everything else talked about and simmer for an hour. You should be ready to go.

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