Green Tea, Benefits, Features and Antioxidant Power Explained!

There isn’t a lake of information on the web about green tea and I usually try to post about unique things. However, Green Tea comes up quite a bit and I just can’t help but to put more education about it up here. I am writing quite a bit about it in order to help you find what info you may need without needing to jump to very many sources to get what you need!

Green Tea has long been the coveted ‘secret’ of the Asian population. We tried to research the key to their longevity (for their  conditions), and resistance to cancers. We couldn’t really find anything exotic as we realized it came down to diet and Green Tea.

History of Green Tea.

Green tea has countless health benefits and was used in ancient Chinese Medications to cure and prevent dangerous diseases. Green tea has been used in China as a healthy, healing drink for around 5,000 years. Green tea was the preferred drink in the privileged and the well-off. The tea leaves were used fresh from the plant for tea preparation, lightly heat processed. Sometime people used to eat fresh leaves of Green Tea for its beneficial affects. During that era it was considered an expensive drink that can only be enjoyed by rich and famous.  Nevertheless, after the collapse of the Mongolian Empire, entire population of China began to practice the magnificent consumption of tea, including green tea.

Green Tea Benefits.

The medicinal benefits of green tea have in the spotlight these days. Green Tea is known for its resourceful and optimum properties benefiting entire body. It Improves blood circulation with added oxygenation and boosts the body’s natural immune system. In fact it is scientifically proven that Green Tea is Best Alternative Medicine and it attains greater harmony and enhances your ability to keep up with the external and psychological pressures of life. Green tea also averts tooth decay and makes teeth more resistant to acids. It improves digestion and cleanses the body from within. Green tea is flash-steamed for about 20 seconds to retain the maximum amount of active properties. Green tea includes vitamin B, as well as C and E. Many tea drinkers say that they actually feel less tired and brighten as this marvelous Alternative Medicine changed their entire personality.

Green Tea, Antioxidant Features.

At the moment Green tea is turning as one of the popular and desired drink of America. Green tea is identified as alternative medicine for its taste and health benefits far and wide, including weight loss assistance, reducing cancer risks and adding antioxidants to your diet. For its amazing heath benefits, Health and fitness conscious people around the world turning towards green tea. If you want quick and permanent weight loss start taking it regularly and in short span of time you will find instant weight loss. Green tea not only gives you the much desired weight loss but it also insures that your metabolism increases and you feel better and fit. There have been endless claims of the advantages of green tea as a best alternative medicine. Because of elevated levels of antioxidants, studies have recommended that green tea might be gifted to stop diseases and even to fight cancer. If you drink the tea regularly, you will have advancements that lower cholesterol; help you lose weight, and much more. Green tea is sometimes also used in moisturizers and skin care beauty products.

Preparing Your Cup of Green Tea.

Preparation for the green tea cup is as enjoyable experience as the real taste and Aroma itself. Brewing for green tea is completely different from regular Black tea. For the best results in green tea, the one thing you must to keep in mind is that the tea leaves require room to develop and put in their health benefits to the water. To the flavor of the consequential tea can be slowed down by tea bags or tea balls. Let the tea leaves to sit lose in the water and steep for a few minutes is the best way to brew green tea and then is should be strained, if preferred.

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