Nosebleeds: Home Herbal Treatment

First-Aid is my forte so look forward to lots of tips like these. Nosebleeds can have many causes. Pregnant women often get random nosebleeds, a strike to the head will obviously cause a nosebleed, too much Vitamin A, and lots more. In any case, regardless how you got it, a nosebleed is quite an annoyance. Ive seen so many different nosebleed remedies around and honestly I haven’t had enough nosebleeds to test them all. I stick with what I know, and this is what I’m going to pass on here.

In Chinese Medicine the body has meridians of acupoints on the body. Without going too deep here, more info can be found elsewhere including Oriental medicine and its forms and others on Web Health Articles. Points on your body can affect parts of your body that are not even close to the points treated. This happens to be the case when you dealing with nosebleeds. There are 2 major points and both are on your hand. An easy little trick to putting pressure on these points is to get some string or rope and wrap it around your hand like so.

It is best to do this on your primary hand, although it really doesn’t matter all that much. This trick alone can treat almost any nosebleed by itself in about 20-30 seconds.Your next step is to now tilt your head back and apply cotton in the nose. If cotton isn’t available you can squeeze your nose to apply direct pressure. If the trauma was caused by a blow and is becoming inflamed, then ice may also be necessary.

The best case scenario is to have some herbs off hand that can stop bleeding. Agrimony is a good one, but should be burnt and have the ashes used for best results. San Qi, Tien Qi, Notoginseng, or whatever you prefer to call it would be the best case scenario. San Qi is my #1 herb and has a bunch of uses, but stops bleeding as its first property. Some powdered San Qi on the cotton ball or snorted will almost instantly stop even the most serious nose bleeding. If its a serious wound you should internally take some San Qi as well. There are 2 formulas that would be nice to have around for this specific case. Dimmak Herb’s Dimmak CLOT The Stop Bleeding Powder is my first recommendation and works in all first aid situations. Second pick would be the slightly more famous Yunnan Baiyao. Both of these formulas are available in pill and powder forms as you should have both on hand!

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