Swedish Leg Massage-The Final Part of Your Circulatory Massage

FINALLY! We have made it to the final part of our circulatory massage, the leg. We started with Back Massage, went up to Neck and Face Massage, came back down to do the Chest and Stomach Massage, over to the Arm Massage, ended there with the Hand Massage and here we are to finish with the leg. Legs work all the time non-stop. Running, walking, and even standing require leg muscle to work and they also contain some of the [...]

Swedish Hand Massage-Quick and Easy Relaxation

For those following along with us, we are ready to massage the hand because we finished our Swedish Back Massage, Swedish Face and Neck Massage, Swedish Chest and Stomach Massage, and Swedish Arm Massage. In the arm massage portion I already hyped you up for the hand massage. Hand massages and foot massages are extremely relaxing to your body, and I am talking like drowsy relaxing sometimes. There is more tension in our hands and feet than we actually realize. [...]

Swedish Stomach and Chest Massage-Adding on to Your Relaxing Massage

Ok, we have finished our Swedish Back Massage and Swedish Head & Neck Massage protocols so far. Our partner is on their back still so we are going to segue down to massage the front of shoulders, chest area, and belly. I know its very common to not enjoy getting your stomach touched, well all I can say is deal with it. A light nice belly rub will really help you feel better and help keep your regularity! Lets  Begin: Spread [...]