Herbal Arthritis Joint Relief

Hana asks “I’ve problems with arthritis in my hands. What can help me because it is painful and I must do everything because I’ve take care of my husband that passed 3 strokes and hardly can walk. I’ll be very obliged if You can suggest some herbs or something else.”

Arthritis can manifest in 2 ways, either with or without inflammation.
In Chinese Medicine this is an obstruction syndrome called Bi Syndrome. This is characterized as, usually, wind/cold/damp invasion of the joints. More often than not you need to dispel the cold/damp from the area by warming and dispeling.

There are a few herbs that are quite specific for the job here. Yu Jin / Turmeric Rhizome, Du Huo / Angelica Dahurica, Qiang Huo / Notopterygium, and Fang Feng / Siler are some of the main herbs for this condition. Normally these herbs are pretty easy to source, but you may not necessarily be able to get all or some of these.

Take these herbs and some fresh ginger and make a strong decoction in equal amounts. I would say about 10 grams of each into 4 cups of water and reduce into 2 cups.  Take half of the decoction and apply to your hands using some flannel cloth and keep reapplying and keeping warm. Take the rest of the decoction and drink warm in two parts that day.

If you don’t know how or can’t source some or any of these herbs then put 8oz of fresh ginger in 2 cups of apple cider vinegar. Shake that up for 3-10 days and apply that to your hands 3 times a day.

The best solutions to a complicated problem like arthritis is the application of Liniments. Liniments are very potent extractions of herbs in alcohol. The liniments are applied directly to the area and allow for quick penetration of the herbs. The herbs listed above can make a good liniment, but good liniments take some time to make. Some very specific top of the line liniments made are Dimmak Herbs’ Herbal Liniments. For arthritis the Joint Renew Arthritis Liniment would be appropriate and it includes about 15-20 herbs and essential oils including Tea Tree Oil. If your going to pick up some products there for arthritis you should also take Blood Purifier, as this has herbs that would be called upon for fighting arthritis internally!

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