Sweetening the Control of Diabetes – With Herbs

It’s a silent killer; it strikes when you least expect it to, and though you may not take it seriously, diabetes is a disease that leads to a range of complications. From heart disease to hypertension, you’re likely to suffer from them all if you’re a diabetic. Diabetes is the result of a combination of genes and lifestyle – if your parents or their parents were diabetics, you can bet your last dollar that you’re at risk too. And [...]

Garlic- A True Miracle Herb

I have seen other sites and pages on the Internet that are dedicated to the power of Garlic. It seems however that Garlic is just too simple of an herb for people to give it any credit. Garlic seems like a 'grandma herbs' or something that you just use for Italian cooking. Well, there is of-course some truth to this because to use an herb medicinally you have to use it in much higher potency than you put in [...]

Vitamin and Mineral Seasoning made with Household Herbs and Spices

Most of the herbs used by a herbalist are not household herbs. In fact, 'spices' are herbs that are of quite different quality than the others herbs used to treat illnesses most of the time. So, I know that I talk about herbs that many people don't have around the house. Of course I always recommend the right herbs for the job and I am not here to give you 'home remedies' and tell you to take ginger for [...]