Holiday Weight Management

thanksgiving day turkeyI’ll spare you the false hopes of losing 30 pounds before Christmas. Ill let the magazine rack, that you no doubt have passed since November, tell you how to lose 25-30 pounds of weight in a month. Honestly I would like to see some healthy proof of these claims, but we will save the magazine bashing for another day. Instead I am going to give you some help on keeping up your metabolism and hopefully not gaining any, if only 5 pounds, this Holiday for those who actually have family and will be visiting. For those of you married, you have 2 stops (and there are a  few of us that have 3 stops because of a parent separation) so thats 2-3+ meals your gonna have to deal with. Most of these suggestions will seems simple and some may be obvious, but I am trying to convey some less orthodox tactics that you can add to your arsenal!
Eat some soup of drink broth before the meal.This is essential in China relating to Chinese Medicine to keep your body temp regulated. Yes, this what we are trying to do! By taking in warm broth before the meal your metabolism fires are roaring, and a simple cup will work great. If there is enough time passed before you eat after the soup you will actually feel yourself getting quite hungry. I know Miso Soup isn’t a Thanksgiving Day traditional item, but Miso Soup can be bought in little convenient packets and just add hot water. The Miso Soup has seaweed in it and allot of other minerals that increase metabolism further! This is why the Japanese have Miso Soup before meals (not exactly the fattest country).
Avoid Cold Drinks Before the Meal. This is an extension of the previous tip, and you should be able to understand why after reading the previous tip. However, drink lots of fluid after the meal. Warm fluids would be best, but go ahead and drink up after!
Choose Your Food Wisely. Sorry but I have to be obvious here. If you make your own Thanksgiving meal change to fresh produce and steam it, take it easy on the sugar, and substitute or reduce when able. For example Yams and Sweet Potatoes are pretty sweet by themselves. Try reducing sugar and marshmallow here. Not cooking, just make good choices. Wheat rolls, baked turkey, green beans, and the such are all quality choices here.
Take Herbs with Mild Laxative Properties. Heard the supermodel laxative diet plan? Well, I would imagine that would work but I will never condone taking a laxative unless a doctor is giving you one. Herbs with laxative properties are different so let me explain. When a herb has laxative properties it promotes bowel movements naturally by lubricating, stimulating bile excretion, and stimulating peristalsis (the rhythmic contraction of your bowels). Commercial laxatives simply turn your bowel contents into liquid, which weakens your bowels and creates dependency AND causes griping! Now, what I am not telling you to do is eat and overdose on some Senna and sit on the toilet waiting. I’m simply suggesting that if you plan ahead, this WILL work and here are some specific examples.

  • Possibly the BEST suggestion I have is visit Dimmak Herbs Herbal Supplements and buy a bottle of DEUCE or REGULATOR. Take 1 pill/capsule morning and night through the entire holiday season. since this is really only a little over a month this would be okay to do especially since the formulas are safe but incredibly effective. REGULATOR actually being a bowel TONIC is quite beneficial here.
  • Of course I can never get away from those wanting the EASIEST opinion. Go to any grocery store and go to the pharmacy section and get a bottle of Castor Oil. This bottle will be small and fit in your pocket easily. Castor Oil is absolutely gross to most people thanks to the texture but is really effective and is really soothing. For this suggestion only do this on the days of big meals, don’t make a big habit out of Castor oil. Your dosage will be a tablespoon after the meals, close to the evening time so your bowel movement will be in the market.
  • Aloe Vera Gel is a wonderful herbal supplement. Aloe is close to Castor oil properties and is excellent for your body. Aloe can be found as gel or juice in grocery stores and health food stores. Get the highest amount of aloe you can 90%+. Your dosage will be 1oz morning and night throughout the season.

There should be one option there you can deal with. Let me tell you what NOT to do. Do NOT take Senna, never take senna. Senna is NOT a good herbal laxative and is not good for your bowels. Do NOT use commercial laxatives, EVER. Avoid ‘colon cleanses’ and ‘colon blow’ and whatever the hell else people are throwing out there. Only use products that are well trusted. I will review products for anyone interested, but with herbal supplements not being regulated you never know what is being formulated in those products. Many products also like to use popular herbs, some of which turn our to not be good additives to formulas (although not surprising to herbalists).

I hope some simple tips here go a long way in the next month or so for you. Stabilizing yourself now will save you from paying a bunch of money for that gym membership that doesn’t get used! Help save your new year’s resolution on something a little more special that your weight, again.

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