Cancer- Herbs to go with your Western Treatments

livestrong.jpgWhen facing a serious situation such as cancer, patients are willing to do anything. People fly to Mexico for non-approved chemo treatments, fly to Europe for secret healing secrets, and see alternative health practitioners for anything from herbs to some type of crystal healing. This ‘flight or fight’ type personality that takes over cancer patients end up turning those looking upon the situation into skeptics and critics. Despite what many people think, Oriental Medicine is ran in a way to be conjunctive with Western Medicine. So, that is my stand on the situation. Western Medicine is really good at ‘killing’ things. Cancer is no different, and that is the Western approach to the situation. I would like to think that most herbalist and OM practitioners would do 2 things with a cancer patient. 1, follow the patients wishes, and 2 don’t tell them what NOT to do. Most people I deal with are using Western treatments and looking for some supplementation and extra help. In my opinion this would probably be the best case scenario, although I know others that won’t see a Western Doctor even under cancer situations.

In this post I will talk about supplementing Western treatments with alternative, more specifically herbal treatments. I will follow up this post next week talking more specifically about diet, nutrition, and some specifics about herbs and cancer. Here are the basics, that any person can take when supplementing their Western cancer treatments.

Clean the blood.Blood purifiers are a must here. Blood purifiers do many things to the body, all of which are beneficial to the body. These purifiers flush out toxins from the blood, clean out lymph nodes, help activate white blood cells, and aid in building blood. Most of that should be pretty self explanatory. The herbs here also have antibiotic properties to them and will flow around with your system and basically clean as they go. This will allow your liver to collect everything that shouldn’t be there. When you getting radiation injected into your body, I am sure you would agree that increasing white blood count would be a positive thing. When everything here is running properly, blood can get itself regulated and keep up. Taking a specific blood builder can also benefit. Lastly, a good blood purifier will have herbs that are anti-inflammatory. This will help with acute problems and inflammation that can flare up anywhere.

Liver Detox.Not only is this a good choice, but after reading about blood cleaning, you will see how important this is. Blood cleaners are going to help flush out everything it can including toxins, all of which are going to be embedded in the liver. Any other toxins you end up putting in your body (or a doctor does) are also going to end up in the same place. There are some great herbs for liver detoxifying. I have seen Hepatitis C cleared out on a strong liver detox alone. Liver related herbs are very bland and bitter, and must be kept that way. No honey or processed sugar should be introduced at this time.

Build Immune System.The Chinese do this anyway all year long. This is very important in this system because if you aren’t strong and healthy enough to accept treatments, you can’t have them. This preparation would include immunity builders, energizing herbs, and tonic herbs (ones that build).

You may also run into some other needs, depending on the specifics here. It is important that you really try to stay as herbal as possible on secondary needs. You don’t want to introduce strong chemical after strong chemical unless needed. If you have trouble sleeping, use herbs to help and other natural ways. However, if pain is a real issue, then seek out medication. If the tumor is along the Urinary Tract then strong urinary tract cleansers can be introduced to create a clear and clean tract. i have seen emotional instability during these times as well, stress relievers and hormone balancing can really come in handy here.

Really any situation is going to be different in some way, and really communicating with someone to help get you what you need would be best. Also, go over ANYTHING else you might be experiencing, and try an herbal formula for it. Say you are really tensing up and getting emotional with no cause, try a relaxing stress herbal treatment. It will probably only cost you $10-$20 to try, rather inducing more chemicals, a high dollar drug, or getting no help elsewhere. This will all help your body remain as healthy as possible to accept the strong treatments you will be receiving!

Look for the update next week. I will have specific herbs listed, easy changes to make that can help, and also diet tips and more! Products and help can be found at

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