Hemorrhoids: the finale, Mine are Gone yours can too!

As promised, my follow up to the hemorrhoids I had, and the review on the products I used for hemorrhoids from Dimmak Herbs Herbal Supplements . The post can be found here:

I am pleased to report I am pain free from my bottom and feel much better. What I ended up doing was alternating the bolus dosage as 2-1-2-1-2-1-1, this kept a strong strength of herbs flowing, but alternating the higher dosage and extra discomfort throughout the time period. Honestly the biggest savior was VAINE balm by Dimmak Herbs. The ointment was huge in protecting the tissue, relieving the pain, and reducing inflammation. VAINE contains herbs that are targeted at veins and rebuilding them back to life: spider veins, varicose veins, and in my case hemorrhoids. VAINE Skin Healing Balm also contains olive oil, bees wax, vitamin E oil, and Eucalyptus oil all of which have healing properties for skin and tissue!

Now, I did make a big mistake the night of my first blog about the hemorrhoids in that I wasn’t making sure my stool was going to be soft. I really re inflamed the area and had a bad night, that could have been prevented. It is key to drink lots of water and keep a soft stool and I have 2 more products to tell you about for these. REGULATOR by Dimmak Herbs would be a good product to have to take throughout the issue, take a small dose like 1 pill daily. In my case with bleeding internal Hemorrhoids Rhubarb is a great herb for this! Rhubarb, to me Da Huang, is the main ingredient in DEUCE by Dimmak Herbs. This special pill contains Rhubarb/Da Huang and a few other herbs then is dipped in bees wax. This allows the pill to pass through the stomach and be broken down in the small intestine for excellent results! With the healing power of bees wax and rhubarb, it would have helped the bleeding and softened the stool!

A few other things to remember in general about hemorrhoids. Keep them clean! have some witch hazel extract laying around. You will be able to do a ‘final wipe’ with the witch hazel which will clean the area and help the reduce the inflammation. Protect the tissue! If it can’t be irritated it goes away. Basically if you never had to poo you would have to deal with em much :) Cover the tissue with VAINE, hemorrhoid creme, or at least some Vaseline. Don’t push hard! Think of your hemorrhoid as a balloon and your pushing as your lungs. If you get on the toilet and your face turns red, you are blowing up that balloon! This is where Fiber, Water, Suppositories, REGULATOR, DEUCE, or even an laxative (only if its really necessary)! Also visit the Hemorrhoids Remedies Page

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