Deep Laceration- Home Remedy Fix!

So I surely don’t condone one not going to the emergency room when needed! I have experience, but you can really see here that some herbs and an egg can go along way. This is intended for informational purposes, but realistically if you were cut badly on a camping trip or elsewhere, this could be quite helpful to you.

I received a very nasty laceration to my pinkie finger when i was handling a glass and it broke in my hand slicing down my pinkie.  First thing is first- always apply immediate pressure and let your body start coagulating the wound. In my case I’m going to take some DIMMAK CLOT by Dimmak Herbs and put some in my free hand and apply it directly to the wound to help it stop bleeding. I will also take 2 CLOT pills to help stop the bleeding and get adequate circulation from the inside. If you don’t buy some of this you can have San Qi also called Tien Qi handy (pretty easy herb to get also called Panax Notoginseng). It is the main herb in the formula. Now you want to wash the area to get it clean. This is the first picture I have because as you can see the CLOT stopped the bleeding so I could wash it and take some pictures now.

Now what you want to do is take more CLOT or San Qi and add a little water to it to make a really thick paste

Now for the ‘stitches’. Take an egg, yes egg any egg this is a Grade AA Large :) of any sort and hit the side to just crack it

Bring the shell back and remove the membrane that is inside of it

apply that to the are and in my case around the finger. When it dries it will start to shrink and pull. So in my case it will pull the skin back to the finger to mend. If say the wound was on your stomach you would put it flat and it would bind to your skin and push the wound back with it. Its really quite impressive.

You can blow on it to get it to dry faster and make sure it sits right. The first time i had it too tight and it dried and cut off circulation to the end of my finger. Simply add a little more water to it to loosen it and I readjusted.

You then cover this with some gauze, so its breathable. Believe it or not that membrane is also breathable. Traditionally you leave this on until it falls off or breaks apart. However, It can be washed off when you wish to re-clean and reapply, get to a hospital, or whatever… I chose the traditional route and waited.

The wound will not be 100% at this time and you really don’t want it to be. You now want to take the opportunity and regularly apply something to the wound. I chose Pearl Powder. It is notorious for  helping skin heal scarless. Alternatively be my guest to get some Neosporine or something too.

All better :)

Did I mention that First-Aid is my forte?

I noticed looking at these photos that they aren’t aren’t letting you see larger photos. Here are links to larger photos:

Chinese Herbal First Aid Wound Demo





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