Pearl Powder to the Rescue – Liver Spots Gone!

Liver spots are a tell-tale sign of ageing or over exposure to the sun. They often appear on parts of the body that are on show, such as hands, the face and shoulders and can make people feel self-conscious if they begin to appear.

For some, it is often the first obvious sign of maturing skin and they may think that the damage is irreversible. There are, however, natural ways to lessen the effects and gain younger looking, even and smooth skin.

People over 40 are more prone to have these marks, although they can appear on younger skin, especially if there has been a lot of sun exposure. Liver spots are changes in skin pigmentation, varying in size and shape, and usually of a light brown color. The color is often that of liver, however this isn’t where they got their name; it was previously thought that the appearance of the marks was evidence of liver problems, although that is now known to be false.

In fact, the spots do not cause any health risks at all; any treatment to lessen them is purely cosmetic. The only thing to be aware of is that they could hide some signs of skin cancer: if the spots change in color or shape, it is important to get them checked out by a doctor.

However, for the majority, these marks are just an unsightly nuisance, and can even be quite distressing, making the person try and hide the affected part of the body. When the marks appear on the face, make-up can help lessen the appearance, although some prefer to find a more permanent solution. There are various methods to help eliminate the marks such as freezing or bleaching, although these can be quite invasive and painful. There is, however, a centuries-proven natural remedy that is widely gaining popularity… pearl powder.

Chinese empresses spanning thousands of years already recognised the skin restorative abilities of pearls, using them both on the skin and internally. And looking at the properties of pearls, they had good reason to have such faith in them – containing up to 18 amino acids and 20 microelements, their anti-ageing power and reported ability to remove skin blemishes have now found an eager western audience.

Pearl Powder – Chinese Herb for Beauty

Crushed freshwater pearls are still used in China for beauty and skin care, as well as in traditional Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory and detoxifier. One gram of crushed pearls taken with water or tea twice a week can help rejuvenate the skin, making it look more youthful.

For more specific problems, the pearl powder can be applied directly onto the skin to help lighten any dark marks. Mix 1 gram into a paste using a little olive oil, or even with milk and beaten egg for extra anti-aging properties. Leave on the skin for around 10 minutes, and then wipe off using warm water. This mixture will help purify and smooth the skin, leaving it fresh and younger looking, as well as smoothing out any skin damage such as wrinkles or spots.

Over time, regular application of the paste will help fade, and even eliminate completely, any uneven skin pigmentation.

As well as helping to eliminate unsightly marks and pimples, pearl also offers a wealth of other positive effects. It is known to calm the mind, alleviate spasms, and with its high calcium content, may even help against osteoporosis. Other effects are shining eyes, more restful sleep and better liver function.

With these seemingly endless benefits, there seems to be every reason to take the ancient advice of Chinese empresses and experience radiance and beauty both inside and out.

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