Acupuncture’s Use in Treating Injuries

acupunctureI talk alot about herbs and other ways to treat many things. For those that use herbs and other supplements to treat ailments should give acupuncture a try if they havn’t already. Here is some acupuncture info from someone with some experience.

Acupuncture has been applied successfully in today’s medicine  in the West, so much that it is looking to be accepted by Medicare and Federal Workers Insurance plans. Also, the pentagon has started research on it for military workers due acupuncture’s huge success with treating PTSD.  It is also been implemented successfully recently in the public hospitals to enhance the treatment of pain internally. Pain control has always been a strength to acupuncture and is the most popular modality it is used for. In the insertion of acupuncture needles you must have to be aware that the process is performed by an experienced person because despite being very thin, there are points near deep organs and tissues which can be damaged. I would like to bring up from this point that acupuncturists go to 4 years of schooling after undergrad school. An MD preforming acupuncture may only have a 200 hour course, this means you should seriously consider an acupuncturist rather than a preforming doctor.

The sensation of inserting acupuncture needle is equivalent to the bite of a mosquito, IF THAT, which is followed by a sensation called acupunctural sensation. The patient is been described in terms of tingling, muscle pull or cramp and may last for a few seconds, basically some type of dull or achy feeling. Once inserted the needles, they are retained by spaces of twenty to thirty minutes, during which some manipulations are repeated if necessary and at the end they are extracted and you typically don’t feel this at all.

Professionals are increasingly exploring acupuncture as a first-line treatment for muscle injuries, you can also talk about functional disorders, based on this, it is generally said that all patients can benefit functionally, at some degree, with acupuncture. While these are the ‘common’ uses, acupuncture can be used on any ailment by itself or in conjunction with your western medical treatment.

For rehabilitation, the process starts with acupuncture immediately after the injury. First aid and initial processing techniques have a considerable impact on the course and on the final outcome of the rehabilitation process. These are about the implementation of the philosophy of rehabilitation in relation to regional specific anatomical areas about spinal injuries, shoulder, wrist and hand, hip and thigh, knee, calf, ankle and finally on foot.

Muscular-skeletal diseases or rheumatic include more than 150 different conditions and syndromes and are treatable with the help of acupuncture: inflammation, back pain, osteoarthritis of the knee, rheumatoid arthritis, limitation caused by almost any disease and low back pain. All these problems can be significantly benefited by the inclusion of acupuncture treatment, as the reactive acupuncture points are nervous that were directly affected by the suffering already mentioned.

Some effects are not desirable when treated with some form of unqualified personnel, because it deals with deep points in body, close to organs and tissues of the body core. It could be very dangerous for person who is being treated with this technique, so it is essential to make the recommendation to this to well-informed professional and you must visit a specialist is you are in need of acupuncture therapy. However, most points used DO NOT come anywhere near anything that could harm you. Almost every single point is aimed to go into a muscle belly. Also, acupuncture needles are so thin it is very difficult to do any damage as they are designed to enter pain free and enter musculature.

I recommend you use the NCCAOM to find a practitioner
Since California has its own state board, you may need to go to to find a local practitioner.

If you have been using acupuncture as a form of pain relief and treatment due to a road traffic accident, you could be entitled to injury compensation,
especially if it wasn’t your fault. Head over to the Irwin Mitchell website for info.

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