Want a Reason to Sprinkle Salt on your Food?

Salt has gotten a bad rep dating back from somewhere around the 50's when no food could go without a bunch of salt and pepper. Well, all of these guys turned out to have issues with blood pressure and cholesterol to name a few. Sodium is a VERY important part of a diet. It keeps homeostasis in your blood. Turns out your cells allow water to enter and exit them with the way its permeability is. This also requires [...]

Appetite for Health? Here’s a Recipe-Congee

My favorite healthy food is Congee. Congee is basically a porridge made of white rice cooked over several hours. Dispite what you think or what you have read white rice is quite good for you. The important part of white rice in this recipe is to have a soup that is as easy to digest as possible. Many things can be added to the simple medium of congee, its like a casserole add anything you want to it. Here is the basic recipe: Add 2 [...]