Vitamin and Mineral Seasoning made with Household Herbs and Spices

Most of the herbs used by a herbalist are not household herbs. In fact, ‘spices’ are herbs that are of quite different quality than the others herbs used to treat illnesses most of the time. So, I know that I talk about herbs that many people don’t have around the house. Of course I always recommend the right herbs for the job and I am not here to give you ‘home remedies’ and tell you to take ginger for a huge list of conditions.

Today, I ran across a recipe that I have for food seasoning. This is no normal herbal seasoning. It is a special blend that contains a great deal of vitamins and minerals that can be used to season food. Since most of the ingredients are found in most households, I thought you guys would love a little change :)!

Here is the recipe:
1part each of
Sweet Basil
Kelp Powder
Dulse Powder
Rose Hips
1/4 Part each of

It is best to make a small amount of this concoction and check your taste. Adjust as necessary. You can grind in some Sea Salt and Pepper if you really wanna make an all around seasoning, but those can be added separately anyway.
When you get it down the way you want, make a large powder of the seasoning. Large amounts can be used in making stocks or soups. I use this in kicharee and congee recipes for the vitamin and mineral benefits.
Guess how much I save over those who buy multivitamins? The best part is these are being taken as food, so they are assimilated by the body in a natural way!

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