Diet and Weight Loss Tips, Tricks, and Help – Part 1

Welcome to the first of my 3 part series on Dieting and Weight. This topic is on dieting in itself. The next part will include an actual diet along with grocery help. The last part will help you out with easy exercises that are targeted at losing fat. Enjoy!


There seems to be a phenomenon that dieting must be followed by some type of celebrity or ‘scientific breakthrough’. I’m here to tell you this simply isn’t true. The same fundamentals that existed for healthy weight is still true today. You need a healthy diet combined with daily activity that increases your heart rate (exercise). Diet pills that circulate around have a bottle full of promises, but they all say ‘combined with diet and exercise’. Why do we try to dance around this subject and not do anything properly? Even if you could start slimming down by simply popping a pill would it be worth it? This is highly doubted and let me tell you why. Weight gain is simply a by product of bad diet and/or overeating. You still have health risks of taking in unhealthy food. Secondly, about every ‘diet pill’ has either come under scrutiny, been sued, or killed a handful of people.

Thankfully many recent diet fads are at least ‘diet programs’ or ‘diet plans’. The diet simply consists of sending you healthy meals that just need to be heated up to eat. The thought here is that it’s so convenient you will eat the meals and combined with some exercise can lose weight. Pills are frankly mostly psychological in nature in that you feel like its going to help and hopefully you continue to diet. Diet pills have continually changed what they put in them, usually because it kills someone, but usually consists of ways to speed metabolism and help curb hunger. There are frankly too many diet pills to look at, but a good way to gauge a good diet pills is take a look at Dimmak LITE – weight loss pills from . This is an all natural herbal diet assistant that helps maintain and speed up your metabolism, curb appetite, and help you maintain a regular bowel movement. Lastly the pills help with body water maintenance.

Many people are familiar with water weight lose, whether they know it or not, as when people start a diet they lose 5-10 lbs in the first week. In subsequent weeks they can lose very little to nothing at all. This is when the diet crash comes in to play. People now believe they aren’t losing enough weight, the diet isn’t working, or they are doing something wrong. Water weight is an ever changing thing in your body in very small amounts. When you become active and eat good food, a 180 from previous, you end up shedding a lot of water the first week. It is now possible for you to have a slight over lose and your body brings water back in. You may now be exercising so your water intake and expel have increased.

‘Bottom line is a diet take some time. You can’t expect drastic changes in the first few weeks. You lose and gain water; you lose and gain pounds’

The best way to take error out of watching weight lose is to weigh yourself at the same time everyday, preferably in the morning first thing. Water weighs a lot! If you don’t believe me then weigh yourself before and after you pee. It can be ½ to an entire pound of weight!

When people begin to diet they also believe that they should be drinking some ridiculous amount of water. This is simply not true and is quite unhealthy for you. Men should be taking in about 10-12 cups of water and women 8-10. This includes food, drinks, and everything else with water in it! Make sure to gauge this out by how intense your exercising routine is. Overdrinking water will cause sodium and electrolyte balances in your body causing cramping and intense shooting of pain. This also over-works your kidneys which is the root of your energy.

On top of all of this I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Losing more than 2-4 lbs a week is quite unhealthy for you. You will not only be losing weight in an unhealthy way, but you will also be losing weight faster than normal skin adaptation. Bottom line if you aren’t losing weight properly you are going to have a handful of excess skin to deal with in the end.

For real diet success I would recommend contacting a nutritionist, person trainer, or dietician. I have helped many people lose weight and when it’s done right its semi-permanent. You can eat out when you want, grab some fast food here and there. This is because your diet staple has become healthy; a treat every now and then has little effect on you!

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