Electro-Stimulation Growing in use to more Sports Therapy

Electro-stimulation which has been used in healing (mainly physical therapy and Acupuncture although different techniques) has allowed science to be involved in the processes of human physical training, through the creation of electro stimulation as a main part of this innovative and important type of working out.

Electro stimulation is the main part of sports therapy and training, as this causes the muscles to contract by using electrical charges in order to avoid physical activity. Although it is good to mention that electro stimulation is also used to treat muscle injuries and rehabilitation, as one of the main virtues of electro stimulation is to reactivate the dormant nerve terminals, and of course its humble beginnings. Electro stimulation’s beginning to use as a training method after the mid-twentieth century, since this was the time when they were recognized and some advantages like recant the muscles so that they get physical stimulation, from the same time began use as a treatment method for some physical ailments such as muscular atrophy and contractions, which were very well treated by electro stimulation.

Electro stimulation’s uses are:

• Make a muscular work without extensive sporting; some factors such as fatigue or physical exhaustion.
• Increasing the strength and explosive potential and in turn raise other important factors such as physical endurance and aerobic.

  • Increase the micro movement throughout the muscle.
  • Increase in mitochondrial mass.
  • Facilitates muscle recovery.

• Tones and facilitates the removal of toxins and particles of fat in the body.

Although there are many more virtues that brings electro stimulation in the training and rehab arena but these are well recognized by experts. The use of electro stimulation can be done in various parts of the body such as legs, arms, legs, and chest, especially in the abdominal area, where it has shown its best results. Good to follow some recommendations as:

• Place the electrodes in places where they are the major muscle groups of the body as this not only helps bring this area but can also prevent some minor muscle atrophy.

• It’s good to keep in mind that the system of electro stimulation is located far from the upper body, having as limiting the chest, since these stimulations upon closely to the brain can stunt some nerve terminals.

• Placing the electrodes in two or fewer muscle groups simultaneously so that the body does not overload the central nervous system.

It is good to mention that electro stimulation is an important element in other practices such as relaxation because nowadays the use of this element is also used as a guest of massage and some relaxation therapies.

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