Effects Of Physical Activity On The Quality Of Sleep

The quality of your sleep at night can and will be determined by the amount of exercise you have had in the course of the day. This is to say that if you have been active during the day, chances of having a good night sleep and falling asleep quicker are very high. Partaking regular workouts will record a noticeable difference in the quality of your sleep and make the phases and cycles of sleep transit in a more regular and smooth manner. Further, maintaining an active physical activity in the course of the day ensures you’re more capable of handling day to day worries and stresses.

Extensive studies and researches show that there is a direct relationship between how one feels and the preceding amount of exercise. The aim of sufficient exercise during the day is to use up as much energy as possible during the day, so that you will not be full of energy when retiring at night. Naturally, the body needs a certain amount of exercise to be able to function healthily.

As a rule of thumb, never exercise 3-4 hours before sleep time; late afternoon or early evening are the ideal times for exercising. This is to ensure that you use up your physical energy early enough before resting the body. 30 minutes of exercise, 3 or 4 times a week are ideal. Exercising can be anything as simple as walking or as strenuous as running. Exercise should fortify the capacity of your lungs and enhance your heart rate.

Other physical activities aside from walking and running can be aerobics. Aim as much as possible to increase the amount of oxygen that goes in your blood stream through your choice of exercise. These exercises can include using a treadmill, biking, jumping rope, dancing etc. Non aerobic exercises which are equally beneficial include Tai Chi and Yoga.

Tai Chi is breathing and movement art developed ancients ago by Chinese monks. The movements are very gradual and precise, thus becoming perfect for those who have joint pains, or those who are not able to partake aerobic exercises. Studies indicate that Tai Chi actually promotes relaxation hence help insomnia.

Yoga on the other hand is a form of exercise that stimulates the nervous system, particularly the brain. The exercises make use of yoga postures and techniques to boost and increase the circulation of blood to the brain. This in turn promotes a restful, smooth and regular sleeping pattern. Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps your body relax and relieve stress and tension.

Since life’s schedules are very tight, it is not uncommon to find that you don’t have time for exercise. At such instances, you can always sneak in exercise activities into your tight schedule. Such activities include using stairs instead of the lift, or parking your car a few blocks away and walking to your destination. By and large, the goal should be to have an overall balanced life which will boost the quality of your sleep at night.

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