Coffee Substitute with recipe

Shawn, 43, writes me "I have difficulty with the acid in coffee and have been searching for a substitute. I am also predisposed to diabetes. Dandelion interested me because of it affect on pancreas and liver function, but if it is used for constipation well...My question is... coffee drinkers tend to drink alot of coffee so, at what amount does dandelion coffee become harmful and how would it affect the bowel and other systems of the human body?" Coffee substitution [...]

Got a Question? Just Ask. Introducing: Ask Sean!

As you can see a button is now at the top of the page that says "Ask Sean". Now you can do more than comment on this blog. If you want to ask a question or write about something specific, just click the button and fill out the form. If your email is chosen, your name and website along with a discussion on your topic will addressed in a future blog posting. This will get you back links to [...]