When Alternative Medicine Works

It’s not something that medical doctors believe in, but then, if alternative medicine did not work, it wouldn’t have the hundreds of thousands of followers it has today. There are various forms of alternative medicine – some are based on herbal remedies, some use massage and relaxation therapy to cure, and yet others try to restore the energy balance of the body. They work because the people who trust in them believe that they will work. However, even if [...]

3 Reasons to Try Alternative Health Remedies

There is no end in sight to the debate that rages on between the purists who believe that drugs are the answer to all our ills and the naturalists who swear that drugs are the main reason for all our ills. The former, while admitting that prevention is better than cure, also holds firm to the belief that it is necessary to go through the proper channels of medical care in order to get to the root of the [...]

Preparing for a Career as a Professional Herbalist

Alternative medicine, once shunned by the medical profession as ineffective and even dangerous, has gained popularity and recognition in recent years as its effectiveness and safety have been scrutinized and validated. In particular, the use of natural herbs to treat various ailments has been approved by most medical practitioners as a beneficial supplement to or substitute for traditional pharmaceutical medications. Professional herbalists act as natural pharmacists, growing and dispensing useful plants to patients to assist them with ailments ranging [...]

Green Tea, Benefits, Features and Antioxidant Power Explained!

There isn’t a lake of information on the web about green tea and I usually try to post about unique things. However, Green Tea comes up quite a bit and I just can’t help but to put more education about it up here. I am writing quite a bit about it in order to help you find what info you may need without needing to jump to very many sources to get what you need! Green Tea has long been [...]

Coffee Substitute with recipe

Shawn, 43, writes me "I have difficulty with the acid in coffee and have been searching for a substitute. I am also predisposed to diabetes. Dandelion interested me because of it affect on pancreas and liver function, but if it is used for constipation well...My question is... coffee drinkers tend to drink alot of coffee so, at what amount does dandelion coffee become harmful and how would it affect the bowel and other systems of the human body?" Coffee substitution [...]