Detox and Cleanse your way to Feeling Great!

Tired, feel heavy and fatigued? Maybe its time that you gave your body a break. In many cultures across the world they practice fasting because it is a way to clear their body and their mind. This fasting doesn’t really correlate really well to Chinese Medicine as food is very important to your body, however I see excellent results when people use proper detoxification and cleansing products. Because these products aid the body in getting rid of toxins they help with the cleansing, but at the same time there is a measurable amount of food that is being taken in to help your body stay energized.

When you take in food your body goes into parasympathetic stimulation which is opposite of an exited or energenic state. A vast majority of your blood and energy go to work on digesting and assimilating your food. This is what makes you a little sleepy after meals and TIRED after large meals. It is quite normal to have a lower energy feel for up to 2 hours after a normal meal, anything more than that may not have been a good choice in meals or too much food. This is also true for those that eat right before bed. Sleeping is a time for repair and rest, but your body will stay working as long as it takes if you took in food before bed. This is obviously hindering your energy with a poor night sleep.

Cleanses can give you body a chance to take a little break. By taking in small amounts of cleaning foods and juices you can give your body a little cleaning, some nutrients it needs, and break from trying to breakdown your double cheeseburger meals. Cleanses will also allow your digestive tract to try to get itself into order by balancing your normal good bacteria and getting rid of the bad bacteria. Plenty of good bacteria leads to excellent digestion and regular bowel movements. Too much bad bacteria leads to slowed down elimination and stinky, sticky stools!

There are many cleansers out there on the market. I have previously discussed having liver and blood cleanser but there are, of course, many you may consider. If this will be your first cleanse of detox I would start with a simple colon cleansingColon cleanses can range from high fiber shakes to various citrus and plant mineral type combinations. Cleaning your lower GI tract will yield best results when done first and will yield better results for other cleanses afterwards. Its kinda like ‘pushing the fish dinner because its about to turn’ or ‘first in first out’ or ‘sell the old stock first’ and the likes.

When you are ready for detoxification afterwards, you can look into body cleanses, liver cleanses, blood cleanses and more. If you want all natural citrus and food cleanser for an overall cleanse rather than a specific organ I would recommend you look into BromaCleanse as they meet all those requirements. Not only will you feel better but when giving out weight loss tips many people like to start their clients out on cleanses and such. You can eliminate a lot of junk out with these that you wouldn’t then have to work out with weights and exercise. Instead you can focus on cutting fat off from there.

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