This ‘Full Bar’ Thing, Are They Serious??? A Cheaper Way to Lose Weight

Have you seen the commercials on TV or seen on the web about these Full Bars? You eat this bar and Drink 8oz of water 30 minutes before you eat and you will eat less food and lose weight. Are you kidding me? This is the biggest joke since the pet rock!

The logic has truth to it. By eating 3oz or so of natural food and a large glass of water and wait some time before you eat, you will eat less. Not only have you given your body a chance to take in a semi-filling meal, but you could also work to speed up metabolism. This isn’t really anything new, but some guy is now advertising a way to do it. I was thrilled at first, then I went to the web site. The bars are all natural, but really not full of much! There is soy protein added for protein, not a lot of fiber, a small anount of a few vitamins, and they are being sold for like $3 a peice! Are you serious?

The theory here does work, and I would advise people to try it but forget blowin $3 on that guys lame bar. Instead take a look a Clif Bar
When you are taking in less food you still need the same amount of Vitamins, Minerals, and everything else. Just from looking at the Clif Bar you can see all of the good stuff they have in there.

I even have a better idea. Why don’t you try this tactic with a peice of bread that is very high in Fiber. Find the loaf of bread with the most amount of Fiber and some vitamins and such, eat a slice 30 minutes before you eat and see how you do.

Asian culture has been doing similar things in their daily diet for years. For example, the Japanese traditionally have Miso Soup and some type of salad like Sea Weed salad about 10-15 minutes before the meal comes out. In this case you are taking in some Fiber, warm liquid to warm the digestion, minerals in the soup and allows you to not start eating on a totally empty stomach.

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