Effects Of Physical Activity On The Quality Of Sleep

The quality of your sleep at night can and will be determined by the amount of exercise you have had in the course of the day. This is to say that if you have been active during the day, chances of having a good night sleep and falling asleep quicker are very high. Partaking regular workouts will record a noticeable difference in the quality of your sleep and make the phases and cycles of sleep transit in a more [...]

Practicing Yoga Safely While Pregnant

If you are practicing yoga and you find out you are pregnant, you can still continue to practice yoga don't worry. Many people think yoga is not good for pregnant women, but in contrary yoga can have a great impact  for both mother and unborn child. As a pregnant women and a yoga student you are not hurting your baby, but you are creating a healthy environment for the baby by doing yoga exercises. Pregnant and haven't started yoga, [...]

Tai Chi (Tai Ji Chuan) For Health, Fun & Longevity

As we know exercise is an integral part of our daily health. I also find it important to be able to have fun when exercising to not get caught in the 'boredom' factor and lose sight of the overall health goal. Many alternative health practitioners, especially those in eastern arts, use Qi Gong or Tai Chi for exercise. Tai Chi is a very fun way to get exercise in that is done in a fun way. Tai Ji Chuan [...]

Squashing the 8 Cups of Water a Day Myth

Ever hear that you need to drink 8 cups of water a day (64oz)? Of course you have! Working in the alternative medicine field I run into this alot. People and practitioners alike think they should be drinking gallons of water a day. This is an age old myth that got obscured from some factual information. This blog isn't the first post written to clear this information up, but I would like to see these facts more widespread. I urge [...]