Probiotics or Prebiotics, the Great Digestion Debate.

As processed foods, pharmaceuticals and bad diet have clogged up our digestive tracts we have turned a blind eye to proper digestion. Our medical professions continue to increase the 'normal' bowel movement times now up to around 3 days. Well, many continue to debate that a bowel movement should be daily and digestion should be smooth, and I am one of them. First, lets talk about what is considered 'good' digestion. In Chinese Medicine we split digestion from bowel movement [...]

Staying Slim this Thanksgiving and Holidays

Can you believe the holidays have fallen upon us again? All those gyms you see everywhere, their business is built on us stuffing our faces full of food over the next month only to say to ourselves: "I'll join the gym for my New Year's Resolution and lose all this weight!" Some of us have to juggle 2-4 Thanksgiving dinners through the weekend from different sides of the family. Now lets not get too hasty and blame everything on everyone else. [...]

The Ultimate Kidney Tonic- Black Soup

Tired? Fatigued? Low libido? Low back pain? Weak knees? Wake up in the middle of the night? Recently weak after surgery? These are just a few symptoms of weakened kidney function. In Chinese Medicine there are many more symptoms related to this and aging alone is one of the ways that kidneys weaken. There is alot to gain from supplementing your kidneys with a really good tonic including reversing the symptoms listed below. May Food Be Your Medicine and Your Medicine [...]

Your Cure for ‘Buffet Syndrome’ -Shan Zha / Hawthorn Berry

Familiar with the famous stomach ache and pain after your 3rd trip through the Chinese Buffet line? Did your last trip to Las Vegas leave you in a 'Carb Comatose' from all the Buffets? Regardless your eating style you may have experienced the same symptoms from weak GI tract or many other reasons. In Chinese Medicine this is known as Food Stagnation. The intestines are very durable but have their limit. When more food is taken in than your body [...]