Wayside ‘weeds’ with Wondorous Ways – Part II

Lets get to the next weed with some powerful effects. This is part 2 of this blog post Health, Fist Aid, and Detox Weeds Part I. This is also an extension of the article on weeds found here- 3 Weeds You Should Cultivate. I want to talk about Chickweed today. A nice thing about these herbs I am talking about is they are really weeds. Chickweed even grows quite abundantly here in the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada. In fact [...]

Western Hysteria Against Herbs Reaches Epidemic Proportions

Thought this a great read: "A mass epidemic of hysteria against common plants use for health purposes has emerged over the past year. Local outbreaks are reported occurring in all parts of the United States. MD's and former regulatory officials seem hardest hit. The hysteria seems to be fueled by physicians and reporters untrained in the proper use of plant medicines responding to reports of specific isolated problems attributed to herbs, and then jumping to false, excessive and unwarranted conclusions based on limited or erroneous information. [...]

Health, Detox, and First Aid ‘Weeds’ – Part I

I'm always writing even when I'm not posting some great  info for you guys. Ive decided I'm going to start filling in the gaps of my posting to talk about articles I have written. There are a few 'weeds' I'm gonna talk about in a few blog posts here. I'm talking REAL weeds. I live in Las Vegas where only casinos grow, but I literally have free access to these weeds. The full article can be found here: 3 'weeds' to cultivate [...]