The Importance of Healthy Fats in Your Diet

There is a reason that proteins, carbohydrates AND fats are considered macromolecules because all three of them are essential to us. No fat and low fat diets rarely work because your body is acting against you. Because fats are essential if your body isn't getting any fat in the diet it starts to conserve the fat supplies it has in the body. Inevitably this is not going to lead to weight gain. Taking in a proper ratio and healthy [...]

A Look at Womens Health and Natural Supplements

There are many diversive views on what to call the best treatment for a patient, I mean what course would be the most risk-free and fast. Women's health magazine "Zdorovie" writes that only proper medical treatment that is prescribed by the GP or definite medical specialist will set you on your feet again but at the same time no one rejects the fact that alternative medicine also helps! Definitely it would be stupid to reject all the experience and [...]

Options for Treating Different Types of Baldness

Hair loss is a big problem nowdays. Some one may be affected by this at an early age and some others may be in later age. It can be vary from person to person. Hair loss has explanations of its causes in many different times of medicine modalities, but it is still difficult to explain. Hair loss can be traced to happen mostly due to stress and life style changes. The food which we eat seems to have [...]

Overlooking Whats New for Prescription Diet Pills

So I was watching Requiem for a Dream last night as my wife has never seen it. I happen to own it, not sure why maybe to compliment my Jennifer Connolly collection along with Labyrinth. It got me remembering how different diet pills used to be. Over a decade ago diet pills were available by prescription only and was basically 'speed'. Now dieting can be done at home or with your doctor with proper dieting, herbs, exercise, pills and [...]