Some Vitamins and Their Properties

Vitamins are found naturally in a wide range of organic food produce including the likes of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.  The human body is unfortunately unable to create or manufacture such vitamins on its own.  We therefore must obtain the correct amount of vitamins by following a healthy diet; such a diet plan will work to maintain both a healthy body and lifestyle. In the fast paced world we live in, it is not always an easy task to [...]

Various Herbs for Cancer Treatment & Management

Ancient China although didn’t know exactly as much as we know now about cancer they certainly understood some signs and symptoms including progressions of some cancers. Treatments back then included herbs and even with the advancements in biomedicine today, herbs are still utilized in the treatment, prevention and to manage the side-effects of cancer. Initially herbs were used solely on a pattern based prescription as they are normally including modern day practitioners. This means that herbs are given specifically to [...]

Tips for Increasing Lactation and Breastfeeding with Herbs and Diet

As any mother doing research knows, breastfeeding their children is an important and superior feeding method over formula. Formula continues to have lists of recalls, breastfeeding offers immunity to your child prior to them developing their own, breastfeeding has all natural nutrients for brain and body development, breastfeeding is obviously less expensive, near zero chance of allergic reactions or sensitivity to breastmilk opposed to different formulas. Seems easy enough, only problem is many woman are finding it difficult to [...]

Using Herbs for Faster Post Surgery Healing

Surgery is common not only as a medical emergency, but as an elective surgery in the case of plastic surgery. From a Western stand point surgery causes trauma to the body and then manipulations are made inside the body. Afterwards your body has to deal with removing anesthetics from the body and the trauma made to the body. In the case of many surgeries it is the incisions that need attention, but in the case of cosmetic surgery, [...]

Using Herbs for Different Hair Remedies

Great hair can really make a difference and this is defiantly one of those cross-cultural beliefs. Hair and its characteristics has a large link with genetics, however there are some techniques we can do to help different parts of our hair. Regular upkeep of your hair is a good place to start. A quality diet is good way to keep a good head of hair. In Chinese Medicine the blood needs to be sufficient to nourish the Liver and [...]

Herbs for Back and Neck Pains

Pains are without a doubt the #1 complaint of all the patients seeking care. Unfortunately most pains are very difficult to treat in Western medicine. Most pains are treated with NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) over the counter such as Asprins, Ibuprofen, or a similar drug of action Tylenol. More severe pains are treated with Opiates that are addictive, dangerous, have bad side-effects, and are almost completely unsuccessful at treating nerve related pain. NSAIDs have much less side-effects, but long [...]

5 Ways to Avoid Negative Effects of Herbs

There's no doubt that herbs are beneficial in many ways, but they're not all the same. Herbs have been used since time immemorial as natural, alternative medication to treat various ailments and relieve symptoms of recurring conditions and maladies. Most people believe that they are better than regular medicines and treatment methods because they have no side effects and are gentle on the human body. But there is a side to herbs that we are not aware of, the [...]

Ginkgo Biloba/Bai Guo Ye and Everything you Want to Know

Ginkgo biloba is a plant of eastern origin more accurately ethnic Chinese and Korean, however this can also be found in countries like Argentina, Uruguay, United States and France, this tree has within its main features the longevity of it, because some data argue that this can last up to a millennium without losing their benefits for organic or natural medicine. The ginkgo biloba plant has been used since ancient times by Chinese and Koreans to create some types of [...]

Essential Oils for use in Natural Remedies

Essential oils are quite popular these days for all types of ailments and usages. Essential oils are literally the 'essential' or 'volatile' oils found in many herbs. A large quantity of herbs are placed in a still and separate water form pure essential oils. The water is also used and Rose Water is a commonly used water from these extracts. It takes many pounds of herbs to get a few ounces of essential oils which makes for really concentrated [...]

Acai Berry as a Longevity, Super Food, and Immunity Supplement

Acai Berry products are without a doubt a growing product that is tough to not have heard of! I decided to write this so you can find out info of this exotic berry without trying to sell it to you! Acai is pronounced 'ah-sigh-ee', so now you are 'in the know'. It is a berry regarded as "super food" and longevity food. The secrets of the berry is the high level of antioxidants which is what connects it to health, [...]